Some people have said, “Wow, why are you going so green?”

I answer, "Beaches."


We enjoy beaches. We enjoy the surf, the sun, and long walks exploring treasures that have washed up on the sand. We especially love to snorkel, to go into another world of brightly colored creatures. We collect, build, and relax in the sand.

We want people to always have beaches to enjoy and explore. We want to do what we can now to stop the earth from warming and melting the polar ice, flooding the world's beaches.

This is our beginning.

October 30, 2010

October 28, 2010 - 27 Solar Panels Installed

5.8 kW Photovoltaic System
  • consisting of 27 SunPower 215 watt modules
  • SunPower 6000m Inverter
  • Sunny WebBox online data monitoring system

Incentives that made this possible:
  • Tucson Electric Power -   $3.00 a watt  or   $17,415
  • Federal Tax Credit  -  $4,833
  • Arizona Tax Credit - $1,000
  • No sales tax
  • Our out of pocket cost:  $10,200
Installation superbly done by Technicians for Sustainability,  Tucson, Arizona

BEFORE:  Roof at the back of our townhome, above the patio and bedroom.

RAILS INSTALLED:  Holes were drilled into our roof for the attachment of the posts to the joists in the roof.  Two waterproof sealants were used, then a metal flashing with a double layer of roofing fabric and rubberized roof paint.  It will never leak.
AFTER:  9 SunPower modules ready to collect the rays and give us some power.

Rack of 9 modules -  Each panel or module is 61 inches x 31 inches

Rear of Townhome with 9 Solar Modules

BEFORE:  Roof of garage and bedroom, ready for installation.

AFTER:  18 SunPower modules face south, at 25 degree incline.

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